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About Us

We are professional amber sellers and collectors, specialized in Burmite specimens. We often travel to Burma to collect Burmite fos-sils from the miners or dealers directly, each specimen is carefully selected and examined, only specimens with superior quality are acquired.

We are engaged in providing Burmite specimens with top quality to scientists, researchers, private collectors, or anyone who loves  Burmite fossils in the world. Many exciting discoveries and new findings had been published in science paper recent years, and some samples of Burmite specimen are provided by us!

Also, we run a store on eBay, the store name is BurmiteAmberFossil, it is only eBay store we have now, we never use other name to sell Burmite Amber Fossils. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we are looking forward to working with you  in the future.

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